How do I remove my details from Badoo and internet search results search ?

Answer Hey,The problem you are having is a common issue. If not Badoo, then other files will do the same with your name in order to get traffic. Leaving you to deal with the issue on your own. Not quite f... Read More »

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Is it possible to remove google search results (Internet footprint)?

If you look, you will find at least one site dedicated to holding copies of 'old' web pages ... so the answer is "no you can't"The only way to avoid the spammers once they have found you is to tota... Read More »

How can I sponsor search results on search engines, so that my website comes top?

Have you tried to get into the regular search results? The sponsored results can be very expensive depending on the keywords that you are bidding on. To get in the regular results you need to bui... Read More »

Order of internet search engine results?

Google (and other search engines) are constantly scanning the Web to check what links to what, so they can determine how to rank their results.The essential magic of Google (from the very start) is... Read More »

How do I get rid of the auto-fill/search suggestions (based on search history) in the google search box?

You press the down arrow and then you press delete. :)And wa-lahh !It's gone.Well, you have to do it for all of them.But it works. :)xo.