How do I save my data before a factory reset?

Answer If you have an extra laptop or computer then it easier to save them on it but if you don't you can always write it down that one way to save up tp repair you need someone with good computer skills ... Read More »

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How long will the magnetic data last on a VCR tape before it becomes no longer useable as read data — KR, Urbana, IL?

As long as the tape is kept cool and dry, its magnetization should remain stable for years. However, there is the problem of magnetic imprinting from one layer of tape to the adjacent layers on a s... Read More »

Is it possible for factory to save £1m a year?

Yes. Depending on how big the company is, and what it manufactures, and what resources are required. If you told us this then we could tell you. The best thing to do with such little crap informati... Read More »

What Is a Factory Reset?

A factory reset, sometimes referred to as a master reset, is a process by which a product's software is returned to its original "factory" condition. This means that everything done by the user, in... Read More »

How to Do a Factory Reset on an ASUS RT-N16?

A factory reset wipes out any personal settings or passwords installed. This will return the router to its original settings when it left the factory. A regular reset is performed when there are ba... Read More »