How do I save them as JPEG?

Answer If you can use the drop down menu to 'Select File Type' and select .jpg or .jpegIf not try typing your file name and then adding .jpg onto the end, eg: "Flower Drawing.jpg"

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I save £1000 a month apart from an ISA, where can I invest my money to save a deposit for a house?

I use microsoft outlook and need to save all my emails to a memory stick. Where can I find them to save them?

go to file > import/export. Follow the directions from there.

When you download a document on google documents and click save instead of save as where does it go?

open it again. download it again. when prompted to save, NOTE the destination.does it work. pl. report.

Cannot save to usb, as i use public libraries computer i need to save on a usb?

Can you save to an email account (send an attatchment) or some online storage until you can get to a computer with USB?Dan.