How do I save them as JPEG?

Answer If you can use the drop down menu to 'Select File Type' and select .jpg or .jpegIf not try typing your file name and then adding .jpg onto the end, eg: "Flower Drawing.jpg"

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I use microsoft outlook and need to save all my emails to a memory stick. Where can I find them to save them?

go to file > import/export. Follow the directions from there.

My Lloyd's TSB shares are finish next month should I cash them in or save them?

hi r u desperate for money if not save them

When I put my gameplay videos in a editing software and save them upload them the all go blurry, any help?

You upload them to Youtube, right?This is simple. Click on a small gear cog looking button just below the video that says 'Change Quality.' Click that and then press 720p or 1080p, these are the be... Read More »

How can i copy all my emails i get and save them to my harddisk so i can read them later and delete my emails?

For windows user can use MS Outlook and other software also do easily.>Should use likes POP3 and SMTP Email providersYou should not use webmail.But you need to know what kind of mail server do you ... Read More »