How do I set about sharing a folder between my two computers?

Answer You don't say what OS you have, so I'll assume you have Windows XP.You have to be logged in with an account with administrative privileges. Right-click the folder, select "properties", then select ... Read More »

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Does two computers sharing one wireless router slow down the other?

yes it can as each are competing with each other for bandwidth.

Would three different computers sharing the same broadband internet connection?

Internally, everyone of your computers will have a different IP address, to allow them to communicate with each other, and with your router (software or hardware).Externally i.e. to everyone else o... Read More »

Tip Etiquette and Sharing between colleagues?

I have not waited tables in over 14 years, but when I was in the business we always tipped out 1. Our bus boys; 2. Our bartenders; and 3. Only the chef when the table specifically said, "this is fo... Read More »

I have got about £300 to spend on a laptop, but I don't know a lot about computers. Any advice?

www.ebuyer.comGot some good laptops on offer at the moment