How do I share files between my desktop pc and only one of the two laptops that are used in my house?

Answer Here's an easy way to accomplish what you want. Follow the instructions for "sharing files from any folder on your computer" for a workgroup (not a domain). Read More »

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How can I network 2 wireless laptops, one vista and one xp and share and edit files, create a drive etc?

First make sure you have the latest windows updates on both machines; then create system restore points on both laptops naming them for example "network set up".You need to make sure both the XP an... Read More »

Wireless network keeps disconnecting Have 3 laptops that share the connection?

When you say you lose the connection, I assume you mean the laptop loses its wireless connection to the router rather than the modem on the router losing its connection to the internet (in which c... Read More »

Are laptops better than desktop?

nah desk top. Cheaper to upgrade. nuff said. Cant disagree with the benefits of them. But if you can afford both sounds like the best compromise.

I,ve lost my job ,i house share,cant pay rent the house is a council tennant who hasn,t declaired he is rentin?

council property can be rented out i.e sublet as far as i know, but you have to have the agreement with the local council. As to your predicament i would only say that if you tell them now they wil... Read More »