How do I tell if my PC is wireless enabled?

Answer look on the back for the wireless 'wi-fi' sticker

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My pc is wireless enabled, it says its connected to the wireless router, but i cant browse, any ideas why?

Just because your connected to the router does not mean your on the internet. The router might not be connected correctly to the internet. You can type the IP address of the router and find out if ... Read More »

Sky Digital wireless router My computer is not wireless enabled.?

Most wireless routers come with 4 or more ethernet ports on the back for networking with wired computers. Also, if you go to somewhere such as Maplin Electronics you can buy a wireless device that... Read More »

How do i know if my pc is wireless enabled?

1. Go to Network Connections (Control Panel > Network Connections)2. If your PC is wireless enabled, an adapter called Wireless Network Connection will be present. You can use this to connect to w... Read More »

How do You Know if a Computer is Wireless Enabled?

To know if a computer is wireless enabled is to personally examine your laptop or computer. If you see an "Intel Centrino" sticker anywhere, this certainly does indicate the fact that laptop or com... Read More »