How do I unblock farmville from my facebook aplications?

Answer Simple, go to your Facebook homepage, place your mouse over the settings at the top and you can see account, privay, application settings and help,1. Click Privacy settings2. Now, click Application... Read More »

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What are the best aplications on facebook?

How to Unblock Facebook From Sending Messages?

Facebook notifications, or updates, keep you apprised of certain actions related to your account. The social networking site will send you a message when another user initiations a communication or... Read More »

How do you unblock someone from your newsfeed (facebook)?

Privacy => manage blocked => start unblocking

How Do I Unblock an Application From Posting on My Facebook Wall?

Facebook applications include games and music players, and aren't a standard feature of Facebook accounts. Each application on a profile must be manually added by the profile's owner. If an applica... Read More »