How do I uninstall Norton Anti Virus Program fro my Computer. It is not shown on the List in the Add and Remov?

Answer some of my programmes do not showon xp's Add and remove progs listbut they do show on ccleaners add or remove list,therefore i suggest you install ccleaner and uninstall norton via ccleaners list.y... Read More »

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How to set Norton as main anti virus program?

Try restarting your system and that should solve the problem...

Is Norton Anti-virus enough to protect my computer?

I use Norton Antivirus and it has never failed me. No problems with it slowing down my computer either. I have Norton Antivirus 2006 and it comes with spyware protection.

Do I really need Norton Anti virus Software on my computer?

hi wrighty norton anti-virus is one of the most complained about anti-virus programs and the main reason for this is the way its designed for starters it uses far too much system ... Read More »

What it the best anti virus program to have on your computer?

I have only the following:ZoneAlarm…Avast! Pro…and SpyBot S&D…I also ha... Read More »