How do I untag myself?

Answer just visit the status and when it opens you should see a button that says "Remove This Tag" you should click on that and release yourself from that sucking tag ;)

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Because your Facebook friends list includes people that you spend time with in the outside world, Facebook makes it possible to alert other users when you include them in a photo or post. Likewise,... Read More »

Is it rude to ask someone to untag you on Facebook?

You did have the right to ask because u didn't want people to know that's u on there.On my fb it gives me the option to untag myself?Give her one more chance then try and contact face bookHope I he... Read More »

How to Untag Someone You Tagged on a Wall Photo on Facebook?

You can add Wall photos to your own profile, or a friend's profile, so long as she has not restricted people from posting to her Wall. Anytime you apply a tag to an image, the person you tag receiv... Read More »

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