How do I wipe the drive absolutely clear before I throw an old computer away?

Answer Take a sledge hammer to it because even if you do wipe it clean there are programs out there can bring some of the data back.

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How do I wipe the hard drive on a PC before taking to the rubbish skip?

actually I disagree with James about donating the rest of the pc to a thrift shop (I've read articles on this). If the pc is basically obsolete and not working a thrift shop doesn't have the time o... Read More »

How can I wipe my computer before selling it?

You can get programs that will erase the majority. But the only sure fire way is to physically destroy the hard drive with a hammer, these programs don't erase everything 100% !! :)

Buying a car that has no tax how do i get it taxed before i drive it away?

What Stephen has said is incorrect.The only time you have 5 days grace is if the car was taxed the previous month, and the tax was renewed online or by phone before it expired. In this case, becaus... Read More »

Just bought a 2nd hand computer,how do i completly wipe the hard drive?

when you start the computer you can press F10 during the start-up process and this will take you into an options page.You can then do a non-destructive format which will restore the setting to how ... Read More »