How do I wipe the drive absolutely clear before I throw an old computer away?

Answer Take a sledge hammer to it because even if you do wipe it clean there are programs out there can bring some of the data back.

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Just bought a 2nd hand computer,how do i completly wipe the hard drive?

when you start the computer you can press F10 during the start-up process and this will take you into an options page.You can then do a non-destructive format which will restore the setting to how ... Read More »

Defragging my computer - will it wipe my hard drive and will it make my internet browsing run any faster?

Defragging will not wipe out your hard drive - but it's unlikely to make web browsing any faster! It may, however, improve the performance of your computer somewhat.

How do I clear the hard drive on my old computer now that I am using a new one?

If you have sensitive data on the disc, then my advice would be to take it out of the pc and smash it to pieces with a big hammer. There are programs 'out there' that can recover lost deleted file... Read More »

If you want to recycle a computer how do you clear the hard drive?

A computer usually comes with a restore partition on the hard drive to reset everything to factory default. Read the manual for your computer to learn how to trigger the factory restore function. I... Read More »