How do advertising objectives relate to a firrm's overall marketing goal?

Answer Direct-action objectives are measured in terms of results - sales go up, sales leads increase and/or more people try the product for the first time. These may all be the result of advertising - adv... Read More »

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How does promotion relate to the other P's in the marketing mix?

What part time job can I get in advertising/marketing without qualifications in marketing whilst I'm at uni?

Sales for a promotional item company. :) Actually, any sales. You don't need experience to start off (although there's a lot to learn product-wise) but you do need to be willing to sell. And truthf... Read More »

What are marketing objectives?

An example could be to acheive an anual growth rate of aleast 10%,or increase profit by 5% in a years time.

What are sainsburys marketing objectives?

I found some papers on Sainsbury's, maybe they will help you:…