How do i Remove Trojan.Virtumod from my computer?

Answer AVG FREE is a great one, it blasted one that i had that was really hard to get rid of.Make sure your current virus protection allows it though otherwise it will keep crashing you computer.

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How do i remove something from my windows media player without deleting it from my computer all together?

Hi...There are variations depending on your player version.From menu bar (press Alt if menu bar is not shown ).Tools >Options>Library>Un-check "Delete files from computer when deleted from librar... Read More »

How can i remove files from a DVD on my computer?

Depends on what kind of DVD you are talking about. If it a a RW (Re-writable) then you can format it and burn files to it (but why bother? Just use a new disc).If it is +R or -R then it is write-on... Read More »

How do I remove a virus from my computer?

Use the following free programs, download, install, update , and scan . Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Full Scan.Remove all infections that it finds after scan... Read More »

How to Remove IncrediMail From a Computer?

IncrediMail is a software program that works along with your e-mail and instant messager clients. The program offers an easy way to spice up your messages by adding creativity to a plain white lett... Read More »