How do i Remove Trojan.Virtumod from my computer?

Answer AVG FREE is a great one, it blasted one that i had that was really hard to get rid of.Make sure your current virus protection allows it though otherwise it will keep crashing you computer.

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Should I click on the "safely remove hardware "icon at the bottom right of my computer when I remove a device?

You should ALWAYS switch a USB device like a flash drive, memory card, camera off using the "safely remove hardware" or you can corrupt it or the files on it.Despite what a couple of people have sa... Read More »

How can i remove files from a DVD on my computer?

Depends on what kind of DVD you are talking about. If it a a RW (Re-writable) then you can format it and burn files to it (but why bother? Just use a new disc).If it is +R or -R then it is write-on... Read More »

How to Remove Alureon From Your Computer?

Alureon refers to a family of Trojans that affect the Windows operating system. The family of Trojans disguises itself as a legitimate application, such as a video codec, in order to trick you into... Read More »

How do I remove the computer administrator?

she probably didnt do it all.its been like that since vista/w7it is called User Access Controlit prevents pop ups and bad software from installing means if you see that request the syste... Read More »