How do i add a second computer?

Answer If your DSL modem had 4 ethernet ports on it, it has a built-in router. Even if it only has 1 it COULD have a built-in router ,but is unlikely.You will need a router, if you want to connect multip... Read More »

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My computer won't find my second monitor?

Try pressing "Windows" Then "P". If that doesn't work, have you got the nVidia drivers installed?Edit; Unless you have a Macintosh, Windows obviously isn't there!

Why wont my computer play second life?

What graphics card are you running on?NVIDIA? or another?You find the name of your graphics card, and search it on google, then on the main site you can update your card may have to uni... Read More »

How do you clear a harddrive of a second hand computer?

Make sure that you have an operating system to install, then format the disk completely and re-install. If the PC already has an operating system and you DON'T want to delete it, then it's a longer... Read More »

How much is a second hand computer worth?

Look on ebay for similar items then youll know how much its worth. Try and put adverts in colleges or universities as students are always after cheap Pc's.Good luck.