How do i boost my wifi range?

Answer I'd not advise a stand-alone WiFi range extender, these have to re-transmit everything on the same channel, which slows the link down dramatically.The best option is a stand-alone WiFi access point... Read More »

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What would you recommend to boost my wireless range in my house?

Lots of tips in the links below. I like the salad bowl idea above me.

How to boost wifi signel?

How Do I Boost My WiFi Connection?

A wireless connection can be finicky at times, and can be affected by many things; a microwave turned on nearby, for example, can disrupt the signal and cause a poor connection. In addition, some w... Read More »

How to Boost the WiFi Signal for a MacBook Pro?

The Macbook Pro laptop line are Mac-based computers with the OS X operating system. The wireless networking capabilities of these computers are built in to the logic board. If your Macbook Pro's wi... Read More »