How do i change my facebook language to brony?

Answer Not sure how to change your language to brony, per se, but i do know of two things that can do more or less the same thing: Ponyhoof is a facebook extension that makes your facebook pony themed. It... Read More »

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How do you change the language to english in facebook Everything is in spainish so I cant read it.?

1. Click "cuenta" (at the top, right of any Facebook page).2. There will be 5 tabs: click "Idioma".3. Click on the drop-down menu next to "Idioma principal:" and choose "English".

Mine craft Server (Brony's Only)?

Strange additional Details lolServers: ->…

My Facebook ads are in a different language help?

I get that too, English, Netherlands and Turkish.

How do You Change the Language on Ebay?

eBay does not currently offer the option of changing the language. You will see your account in the language of the site where the account is opened. For example, in the website will be in ... Read More »