How do i change this?

Answer Install the driver for your keyboard.Get the make and model number and search for its drivers using google.

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Is there any buuuttt any way to change my laptop to dx11 (i know i cant change grapic card) but just to ask?

It depends on how old your graphics card is. If it's fairly old then it wont be able to support DirectX11. Then you would have to purchase a new laptop.Now the link I'm giving you shows desktop g... Read More »

So Confused, Please Help Me. What's the difference between an organizational change and a change process?

oh for cripes's simple English.the process is the PROCESS by which an organization decides whether to change, where, when, how.for example, if you decide that your company's order forms sho... Read More »

When driving in the UK, should you always indicate to change lanes And what speed should I change gears at?

you only need to indicate if someone will benefit from your indications and that in doing so you do NOT give false information to other roadusers. As with the gear changing, use your rev counter an... Read More »

Can a company change your job role and location if you are not happy to change?

You have had three rather blunt replies, but things are not quite so clear cut.You are vague about the 'incident' but if there is an issue (such as clash of personalities or allegations of harassme... Read More »