How do i clean all the junk off my computer i dont need?

Answer Go to this link:…Go to the free cc cleaner and download from filehippoIt deletes things that you don't need. It doesn't delete files but it empty's you int... Read More »

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I want to add a second computer upstairs. so do i need to run a telephone cable up as i dont want wireless?

why wouldnt you want wireless? its fantastic, no more wires all over the place! as long as you protect yourself with passwords i cant see the problem, otherwise you would have to run a cable upstairs

I want 2 buy a new computer but i dont know what i have 2 check in a computer before i buy pls help?

2MB ram memory, 1.73GHz processor and 120mg memory for games and pictures iv got vista home premium and i prefer it to windows xp

Need a work from home and i dont have money to pay anybody,i live in lebanon and need xpert advise.hv internet?

"If a company requires initial payment from you in order to work for them, they are not legitimate."There are a few legitimate data entry companies but are not hiring and have large waiting lists (... Read More »

Why dont RW CD discs run on my computer ?

The sad tale of CDRW incompatibility and data loss. I learned very quickly do not trust your data to CDRW. There never was a defined industry standard for CD RW data formats so readability is ent... Read More »