How do i close down my facebook account?

Answer Though you can deactivate your account, you can never fully delete it. Unlike with twitter, which if left deactivated for three months automatically deletes, Facebook will remain deactivated until ... Read More »

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How do i CLOSE facebook account?

This guide will show you how to delete your account on Facebook:…Good luck!

How do You Close a Facebook Account?

To deactivate your Facebook account, click your 'Account menu' on the top right corner, go to 'Account settings' and select 'Security'. The next step is to select 'Deactivate your account'. For mor... Read More »

How to Close Your Facebook Ads Account?

Due to its massive user base, Facebook is an effective platform for Internet advertising. When you sign up for a Facebook account, you automatically have access to the advertising tools on Facebook... Read More »

Is it right that facebook may have to close down?

no,their is a group on facebook that says its a petition group to save it from being closedBut if anyone actually reads it rather than franticly click to join the petition they will read that its a... Read More »