How do i connect a laptop to the wireless interent that is currently connected to my desktop?

Answer You turn on your laptop. Search for your networks, hook up to LAN and you'll be set. The laptop will do most of the work and lead you step by step all the way. If I can do it anyone can!!!!!

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I have a wireless laptop connected in lounge. Can I connect my old desk top.?

if you have a wireless network all you need to make your desktop wireless is a wireless usb dongle…if thats what you mean

Pc to tv i am trying to connect a lap top to tv both r connected using vga lead but i can only get the desktop?

I used to have this problem.Go into Start>Control Panel.Display>Settings>Monitor 2. Then click Extend My windows Deskptop onto this monitor.Then click the other box above it which says Use this as ... Read More »

Can desktop pcs connect wirelessly or do they need to be connected constantly?

You can connect them wirelessly, however it's less common. Therefore new desktop computers don't usually include a wifi adapter. You use wireless for two reasons. Mobility (laptops/tablets) or b... Read More »

I want to be able to print from my wireless laptop to my printer connected to my wireless computer HELP PLS!?

this is slightly different on different opperating vista is the one i know better. if you go to my network places/network in the start menu. (you ave to turn on the computer the pri... Read More »