How do i connect my nokia lumia 920 to my mac?

Answer You can't connect to iTunes, but it should work for iPhoto. Just connect with the USB cable.

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My Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone won't connect to my WiFi. What router settings could be preventing this?

Why is your router using WEP?? it's an old an usecure security algorithm.Switch your router to use WPA & WPA2 for wireless security and then try to connect to it.Hope this helps!

Nokia Lumia 710?

It will save your battery if you turn it off if not using it "Can anyone tell me if I need or should have the wi fi turned on for general useage of mobile...calls and texts?"You don't need it on fo... Read More »

Nokia lumia 710 mobile?

Lo. If this helps, I bought Lumia 710 3 months ago, & so far there has been no updates for it, last checked 03/06/12.The best way is to download Zune software onto your computer, with the phone con... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 800 and yahoo mail?

Go into the mailbox, press the 3 little dots at the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu.... then...For not showing all mails select settings then sync settings and change the number of days t... Read More »