How do i connect my wireless shutter release remote to my DSLR Please help :(?

Answer If you are referring to the ML-L3 this is not compatible with your camera I have checked the manual it is compatible with D3000 but not D3100Infrared remote control for remote shutter release of sp... Read More »

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Use laptop for remote shutter with dslr?

Many DSLR's have USB connection these days whihc allows you to control the camera and download photo's. Some even allow 'live view' = use of the camera as a webcam ..Check your DSLR's manual (you m... Read More »

Aaargrgh! Can't connect to net with wireless router on laptop! Please help!?

First off, try rebooting everything (including your wireless router... wait about 5-10 minutes before turning everything back on). If you've already tried that here's something to see:1. Is your ... Read More »

My laptop can't connect to the wireless router then it says limited access only. help me please?

When you have 'limited access', that usually means the computer is connected to the router, but the router is not connected to the internet. It can also mean that something weird happened with you... Read More »

My computer is wireless but I cannot find the wireless bar button to get my wifi password. PLEASE HELP?

If you are using a pc then you will need an Ethernet cable and plug it into your broadband, or a wireless adapter. Then it should work, sorry if it didn't you weren't very clear.