How do i connect my wireless shutter release remote to my DSLR Please help :(?

Answer If you are referring to the ML-L3 this is not compatible with your camera I have checked the manual it is compatible with D3000 but not D3100Infrared remote control for remote shutter release of sp... Read More »

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Use laptop for remote shutter with dslr?

Many DSLR's have USB connection these days whihc allows you to control the camera and download photo's. Some even allow 'live view' = use of the camera as a webcam ..Check your DSLR's manual (you m... Read More »

If I connect a wireless router to a laptop, does it cease to transmit wireless signals and becomes 'regular'?

Regular? What are you talking about?But no, why would it stop just because you plugged a cable into the router...

Is there any device to connect non-wireless router to a wireless laptop!!!?

its called a wireless switch or access point and can be bought fairly cheaply like these here…if you don't need any extra wired connections Edimax EW-7206A... Read More »

How to Connect a Wireless Print Server to a Wireless Router?

Using a wireless print server can be convenient for a home or office, as no wires are needed to operate your printer. Also, the location of the printer is much more flexible, because the only restr... Read More »