How do i connect using a wireless router?


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Is it possible to connect a wireless router to a modem using usb?

usually when a router has a USB connector on it, this is used for connecting it to your PC if you don't have an ethernet port. like it does on my safecom router. Not for connecting a storage device... Read More »

How easy is it to connect to Broadband using your own wireless router?

well the best routers are cisco routers and if you have the budget for that then you already have the administrator to run it ( hint very expensive) but the most popular and budget minded owners us... Read More »

Any difference on the speed of internet connection if using a lan cable connect to a router or a wireless?

Typically not, however with newer technology standards this will be different. If you're using an old CAT5 cable and 10/100 ethernet cards, the wireless standard N can deliver higher rates, by a f... Read More »

I recently bought a laptop capable of using wiffi. Do I need a router to connect wireless to the internet?

A WiFi (not "wiffi") connection can be thought of as conceptually the same as a wired Ethernet connection. That means you need to get onto *some* local network in order to connect to the Internet. ... Read More »