How do i contact facebook and tell them my blocking was a mistake?

Answer facebook just bans you for a while n thn thy let yu bk in. so you might want to wait til yur unblokd before askin thm nething

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Is it possible to stop a contact from liking a photo without removing and blocking them?

The only way as far as i know is to stop them seeing the pics when you put them on .....if you put your curser over their name and it says subscribed and a list of things they can see from you like... Read More »

Made a mistake with residency length on insurance form over a year ago, should I tell them?

Why are you asking this question again?Tell them, what's hard about that? Or are you the same troll who was asking a very similar question over and over again last week?

How do you block seeing someone's profile picture in your facebook browser without blocking them?

Not Possible To Do You Can Not Block Someone Elses Pictures on Facebook

Blocking a contact on MSN?

Yes they can,there are ways round anything electronically aired.However i would not advise blocking,it is far better to ignore and delete.