How do i delete a comment I made on someone's status on facebook with my iPhone app?

Answer Sorry but you can't only she can do that. You put it up but only she can take it down!

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If you delete a comment someone's made on your facebook page, does it persist in people's 'updates'?

I entered a group once, and then 10 minutes later I left it, the next day my friend asks me why I joined such a group. So I guess yes, it sometimes stays in people's updates.

On facebook how do you hyperlink someones name in your status?

Here's a step-by-step guide which will show you what to do.# Type your status.# When you reach the part where you want to type your friend's name, put an '@' sign and type the first three letters o... Read More »

How to find out someones past relationship status on facebook?

Just look through all the history on thier wall...scroll down and click show more posts.

I want to right something funny as my facebook status so everybody will comment what can i write?

The word of the day is "LEGS" spread the wordRoses are red, violets are blue, I'm not schizophrenic..............and neither am I!