How do i download video off mobile to laptop?

Answer 2 ways either use a USB cable to connect or get a blue tooth dongle for you laptop and connect the two this way

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Hw can i download a video from you tube onto my laptop?

Yes you can download Youtube videos using seperate software which can be freely downloaded from I have one is 'youripper' or there is another simple thing you can do. Install a f... Read More »

How to download a video from YouTube and keep it as a video?

go to the page of the video you wan and type SS before the Y on youtube, it will then redirect you to a page. then you just select the video format you want and it will download.

How connect from mobile to laptop by using bluetooth for internet browsing (nokia 5130,hp laptop)?

Use the Nokia PC Suite, the old one, not the Nokia Ovi Suite. From there you connect your phone to the PC using bluetooth and select "Connect to the internet" on the Nokia PC Suite.

I download sony vegas on a new laptop but half the fonts that were on my other laptop aren't there?

All sorts of problems happen to pirated programs.Try using the DVD disc again to re-install the program from the scratch.