How do i figure out what's using port 80 (windows vista)?

Answer You need to tell Ventrilo what port to use, and then set that port up in your router that will go to your computers internal IP address. Right now there is no port number, no "wrong answer" as it w... Read More »

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How do you connect a windows 7 pc and a windows vista pc using workgroup?

You probably won't want to hear this...Windows Vista BUSINESS/PRO versions have workgroup networking, domain control options, etc. whereas cheaper versions have VERY limited networking options.Wind... Read More »

Whats a good windows vista performance rating?

The ratings only go as far as 5.9 at the moment. This will get updated in good time I'm sure.My PC scores 5.9 on all the subsystem tests. I've got nothing to moan about ;-)

Whats the best computer virus protection for windows xp and vista?

Whats the best wireless network to use on a machine using Vista 64 Ultimate?

I have a Netgear router and a Netgear wireless pci card in my desktop, both wireless N, so my wife can surf with our dsl service on her laptop also. I have gotten good service thus far. The two w... Read More »