How do i find a friend on facebook who has no mutual friends as me and doesnt live near me?

Answer Type her email or phone number in the search bar.

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How do you (If you can) stop my friends from appearing on my friends search as a mutual friend?

They probably show up because they are all Friends of Friendswhich is a wider circle than just Friends.If your that protective then don't put things up on your TL that you don't want people to see ... Read More »

No mutual friends, but appears on suggested friends list - Facebook?

They have a friend in their friends list, and that friend has a friend that you also have in your friends list. And probably that person somehow viewed your profile and Facebook thinks maybe you tw... Read More »

Facebook problem with my friends friend. And can't find what 2 do In priv setings. need help now thanks [=?

This would be in privacy settings ad it depends how there contacting you can change your email settings so only your freinds can contact you by rmail and you can also block the oerson who is contac... Read More »

Why is facebook suggesting friends to me even though we have no mutual friends?

Facebook never focused on this issue. They want you to add as many people as you do. For this, they compare your data with other profiles and if they find a match they'll suggest this.Normally some... Read More »