How do i find out which processes i dont need and end them?

Answer this might happen in following two conditions:Either you have installed too many applications. It happens we install many applications and don't use them for months. so have a look at applications ... Read More »

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Can i find out if my laptop has been used since I used it. I dont want others to use it but cant take it every?

Put a BIOS password on it. That's much harder to bypass (including hard for you to bypass, so doo NOT forget what it is).

How do I Find a Song When I Dont Know the Title?

Now you don??t have to worry if you don??t remember the title of you favorite sound track. You can find you favorite song even if you don??t know the title of that particular song. You can simply s... Read More »

Moped Tax Help Me Dont know How To Find Out When Tax Runs Out?

on the DVLA web site there is a FREE vehicle enquiry sectionit is simple to use.You enter your vehicle index number and makeSo:-X123YZR Yamaha As an example, you then get a response saying Yamaha ... Read More »

Can a potential employer find out what job i did before if i dont tell them?

I work in HR and any work experience that you do not want to be considered, do not include it in your resume. Employers will contact only who you indicate and give them permission to contact. Fed... Read More »