How do i find out who wrote in my Bebo truth box?

Answer hey Jethro I'm sorry but you cant because its supposed to be anonymous

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How to find out who has wrote in my truth box on myspace.. lots of people have asked, i know...?

theres no way; the server does not record the IP adresses ive tried so many ways...sorry

How do you find out who wrote any article on wikipedia Like this one for example.?

You can't. Anyone can make changes to it and the author is unknown. You can use Wiki as a stepping stone and for clarifying ideas, but never as an actual resource.

Can I get arrested for something I wrote on facebook I called my sil a whore and wrote how she would?

In the UK you could get in trouble, not sure about US. Your question indicates you're in US!?!

On bebo is there any way to find out when "about me" was last updated?

Check the top left of the screen. You should have your answer in red.