How do i find the WEP Key for my router?

Answer printed on the router?

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I have a netgear wireless router. i cant find the file i saved my WEP key to. How do i find my WEP key?

Just start all over again..hold a pin in the back of the router for 10 seconds (factory restore settings) then start all over again..

How to Find My Security Key for My Router?

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Can't find router ip?

If you have two routers connected to each other, rule of thumb is to make sure they are at different IP subnets. That is, could be the first router, but the second should be something t... Read More »

How do I find my default router?

startall programsaccessoriescommand promptwhen our ms-dos screen pops up type inipconfig /all (there is a space between ipconfig and /your default router is your default gatewayprob ... Read More »