How do i find what speed my broadband is running at?


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How do u find out how fast ur broadband is running?

go on then go on the gadget show then look for broadband and it can show how much your speed is

How do i find out what speed my broadband is working at.?

try an online speed test / benchmarkthere is one located at under toolsyou can select a java or flash version

How can I find out what speed I would get on fibre optic broadband?

TalkTalk, Sky, Plusnet and BT all use BTWholesale therefore whoever you go with you will get the same speed on fibre. If BTWholesale check says you will get 56.6 on fibre then you should get 56.6 (... Read More »

Where do I find a site to check the download speed of my Broadband connection? click whichever location is closest to you on the usa map