How do i fix this graphics problem with Driver sanfran?

Answer you need to update your graphics drivers.if you dont know which graphics card/chip you have, google 'speccy' and install that (not sure if it's mac compatable though) this should tell you which gra... Read More »

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Display driver problem - can anyone help fix this (if it can be)?

my pc used to do this all the time, i updated the graphics drivers from the graphics card manufacturers website and it has not done it since, you need to do it from the graphics card manufacturer a... Read More »

Help With Graphics Accelerator Problem?

My first port of call would be to check if you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, thanks chris Sorry, I meant to include this that's really ... Read More »

Problem with graphics card possibly drivers?

hi peter i have to agree with you on this one peter... this does sound like a driver issue,since if it was the GTS250 then it wouldnt happen with the other ( unless both were faulty... Read More »

Graphics memory problem with ATi Radeon xpress 200...............?

thereds different types of intergrated graphics,theres s.m.a (shared memory architecture) which is when the graphics permenently borrows a part of the system memory such as 128mb to add to its own ... Read More »