How do i fix this permanently so i can use my computer?

Answer bloody hell how do we know how to fix a computer unless you tell us what is wrong with it and give us a description of the problems

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How t delete msn permanently from the computer?

go to startcontrol paneladd/remove programsselect MSN messenger and it will uninstall it completely

Ive turned on my computer and it says this computer is locked what have i done and how can i rectify this?

See if this helps:…

I have a 1996 Nissan Micra, on the screen O/D is permanently lighted up. I dont know what this means HELP!?

If the O/D light is on and you have an automatic it may mean Overdrive is OFF which is costing you fuel. here's a button on the left side of your shifter. Push it and see if light goes off. The way... Read More »

New computer -anyone with a bit of computer knowledge could u tell me if this is worth the price?

Ignore the fanboys saying 'change AMD to Intel' they clearly knw nothing about processors. With a mid-range chip like this, you'll notice no difference in anything besides price.It's not bad money ... Read More »