How do i get my internet to my other computer...?

Answer get one wireless router, connect your internet cable to router. establish a network within your destop, laptop n router. if u hav dial up connection to connect to internet then just share your inte... Read More »

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No internet access through one computer but not the other?

Do they both use wireless connections, or does the desktop connect via Ethernet?Follow this procedure:Unplug power cables on the router and modem.First plug in the modem and wait a minute or two fo... Read More »

How can i shut off internet acces on other accounts on my computer?

while you are on the restricted user account, go to internet options and click on the connections tab. then from there click on the LAN settings button at the bottom, and click the check box to con... Read More »

Does anyone know of any other internet/online auction sites other than ebay?

You could try OZtion - I don't know if it's any good though, I've only ever used ebay.

Can i gt my Metro phone with internet connectd to my computer so my computer would gt internet?

Hi.Tethering is not available for all models of phones, it's highly depend of manufacturer. Can you describe your phone better, please? Some model No. or such similar info would be great.Most of ch... Read More »