How do i get my old facebook page back?

Answer you cant,facebook has converted everyone to timeline,its impossible to change,things.

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I recently converted my facebook I.d to a fan page, how can I can change it back to a normal Facebook I.d ?

Can I convert my newly created Page back to a personal account?If you've accidentally converted your personal account to a Facebook Page, you can submit a request for a reversal. Please keep in min... Read More »

How can i change back from facebook timeline to a normal facebook page?

there is no way to remove it - everyone is being converted to the timeline - it's the new look for facebook, not an optional updatethis guide will help you learn how to use it Read More »

The blue bar at the top of my facebook page has disappeared. How do i get it back!!?

4 people on my Facebook just had that happen to them. Weird... They said you can either just try and log off and log back on and if that don't work Click (F5) or the space where you type in a websi... Read More »

How can I hack a facebook page I admined back?

Contact facebook and explain the situation. I'm sure they can help.