How do i get really good at computers without having to go to university or do courses ?

Answer Read everything you can find on the internet, then when you think you know enough, read some more. Read forums, blogs, keep up with the latest tech news, and when you don't know what something is, ... Read More »

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What sort of jobs can you do with computers without going to university?

Don't know about these days but both my sons are top IT managers with Finance companies and neither went to Uni. Nor college... left school at 16 . Its all down to aptitude not ... Read More »

Is there actually any health and social care jobs/careers you can do WITHOUT having to go to university?

Minimum wage, no advancement possible. Yes, there are such jobs.

How can I grow my hair really fast without having to cut it?

Use tale and mane shampoo. Massage your scalp to increase blood flow and support growth.

Can you still get a good career without university?

Hi Dan,University is certainly not everything. Of course you can obtain a well paying career without studying! Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misinformed or not being honest with you. Whe... Read More »