How do i get rid of limewire that my TEENAGE daughter has downloaded on to MY pc?

Answer Limewire is actually quite a safe program for downloading music etc.. - If it was Kazaa u would have a big problem coz its full of viruses now. But to uninstall/remove it - first make sure the pro... Read More »

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My son downloaded Limewire and I uninstalled it.?

Be sure that it has totally uninstalled from your directories. ( I am assuming you used Control Panel Add/Remove programs to uninstall it) If the file was "in use" when you uninstalled it may still... Read More »

Why does sometimes when I download a file from Limewire, it says it has downloaded but it wouldn't play?

its probably a virus. you can tell when an mp3 is disguised as a virus by making sure a bitrate shows up under the bit rate tab. viruses don't have bit rates.

Chances of getting caught illegally downloaded software music etc from limewire or torrents?

0% chance, limewire is a p2p file sharer which is perfectly legal because it is meerly a site to share stuff and people just put songs and movies on there so as long as you don't do that you will n... Read More »

Why do music files downloaded from limewire contain a stupid Bill Clinton sound alike instead of.........?

Don't worry, it is not a virus. It is either some idiot with way too much spare time, or people who want to discourage/slow down p2p music-sharing by doing this... Tell him to just look at the file... Read More »