How do i hyperlink a web site to answers?

Answer Type in the URL (address), don't leave out the http:// at the front, make sure there is a space before and after it, and Answers will turn it into a link automatically.

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Is this site where the "best of answers" comes from?

I think so - but then - I'm partial to YA! :DThere are other websites that have the same itinerary but, I feel that YA has had the most success.Peace and Blessings

What is the best site for asking a questions and getting answers?

I like yahoo answers. You can get to the site by going to

How does this site compare with google answers?

Google Answers started earlier than YA, but Google decided to stop it in 2006 - during the first year of YA and when YA was taking off. Some form of Google Answers exist only in Russia but the main... Read More »

Is Yahoo Answers the best question site in the world?

I like it a lot, because you get trivia and jokes side-by-side with serious issues.There is a lot of ranting & raving, but that can be quite entertaining.I don't know of any other site quite like it.