How do i increase my virtual memory on windows xp?

Answer Virtual memory is simulated RAM. When you have use up all your RAM, your computer will shift data to an empty space on the hard drive. Computer swaps data to the hard disk and back to your RAM as n... Read More »

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How to Increase Virtual Memory in Windows XP?

If you find yourself running out of virtual memory, or keep getting messages telling you so, you might want to increase this to a more acceptable level using your computer's control settings

How can i increase the virtual memory on my pc?

How to set performance options in Windows XP = Memory in Windows XP = = Pagefile in Windows XP = Read More »

How do i increase virtual memory on my pc?

here are the steps1. Right click on your 'My Computer' icon on desktop2. Click properties (system properties window is displayed)3. Click 'Advanced' tab4. Click 'performance settings' button (first... Read More »

How to I increase my virtual memory?

Following is from this web page:Feelin' Mighty Low (on Memory)…When all of your computer's real physical memory (RAM) is in use, Windows will try to create... Read More »