How do i know if the message has been read on facebook?

Answer Once they've read the message and the tick thing comes up, they can't change that so if its not there then they won't have read it :)

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I sent a message on facebook, deactivated then reactivated my account; how do i know if they read the message?

They can't see your message if you deactivated your account, and I doubt it is resent even after you reactivate it

Can I find out if the recipient of a message on Facebook has read the message or not?

Nope, as far as I know, there's no way.I think it's against their privacy policy.

Can I delete a sent message on facebook before it is read?

Once you click on "Send" on any message or email it's gone and thereis NO way you can get it back.In most cases it will end up in their "Inbox" within a few seconds especiallywith the likes of FB b... Read More »

How to Check If Your Facebook Message Has Been Read?

Facebook is a social networking website that offers every registered member the opportunity to send, receive, and archive private messages. This feature works similarly to an e-mail inbox where you... Read More »