How do i make my facebook profile completly hidden from everyone?

Answer Delete your account

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How to make an event hidden on Facebook?

There are three privacy options for events created on Facebook: public (the event can be seen by anyone), friends of guests (it can be seen by those invited and their friends) and invite only (it c... Read More »

Can I make my facebook posts private but have them hidden from certain friends?

yes... it is possible... before posting, you can use the setting icon at the bottom line... you can use custom in that and in that you will see Hide it from... There you can mention the people's na... Read More »

On myspace can you view someones profile song name if it is hidden?

At the top,when your at their'll say ...........user.viewProfilechang it so it'll say user.songhistoryyou can do that with comments and friends too.user.viewfriendsuser.viewcomments(:

How do I make my own facebook profile?

i think you are a little confuseda page is something that people can "like" - but they can also "like" your personal thingsa page is not able to "add friends" - a page has to wait for people to "li... Read More »