How do i network two pcs in same house ?

Answer you can do it by1) usb port, but you will have to get a data cable, a special one which supports this function,2) by the lan card, attack the lan card to the mother board, and get a cable, cat5, an... Read More »

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How to make a network/domain or a thing where more than 1 computer use the same network?

That's basically the commonest setup there is..You need a router that has a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall and DHCP server.With a typical home broadband box, you have those facilities a... Read More »

Can a pc on network have same ip n mac address as that of another pc on the network?

each nic does have a burnt in mac address. it can be emulated, spoofed, by someone that knows what they are doing but it is not the normal problem. ip address conflicts can cause problems all the... Read More »

Sky internet is effin shyte!! can i get another broadband at the same house using.the same phone line?

I moved from Virgin to Sky because Sky was faster and cheaper.I don't think you can run a different broadband through the line while another is running - when we changed over we had to have a dead ... Read More »

Two computers in the same house at the same time on the internet? need to connect the computers together through either a router/switch or directly using cross over network cables. I wouldn't reccomend sharing a dial-up connection. That can be very slo... Read More »