How do i open a server to LAN in tekkit 1.3.2?

Answer you cant the tekkit has not been updated

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How do you make a tekkit server? the "download Tekkit server"unzip it, click the launcher.batdownload the Technic Launcher, run, login and add a server in multilayer, "localhost" as the ipha... Read More »

Tekkit server how can I reduce lag?

You have quite a lot of RAM on your server so i don't know what the problem is unless its because of the number of people you "allow" on your server is too much and it could also be because you hav... Read More »

Help with tekkit server?

- If it is a locally hosted server (run on your laptop) and you are connecting via hamachi then: - Install hamachi on the new computer - Join the existing network - Copy your serv... Read More »

Minecraft Tekkit Server problem?

It could be a couple things. First, make sure you are inputting the IP address manually and not copy-pasting (to prevent special characters from sneaking in). Also, some routers will prevent you ... Read More »