How do i open a server to LAN in tekkit 1.3.2?

Answer you cant the tekkit has not been updated

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Help with tekkit server?

- If it is a locally hosted server (run on your laptop) and you are connecting via hamachi then: - Install hamachi on the new computer - Join the existing network - Copy your serv... Read More »

Multicraft tekkit server help?

Just drag everything from the tekkit file in both the root directory and the jar directory (except the world, world_Nether and World_End that aren't needed there), if you don't have acce... Read More »


For the Hamachi thing. You need to give them the IP address shown on your Hamachi then provide them with the password to your Hamachi server.

Help with tekkit lite server?

Just get it and install it like you would for regular minecraft but in the .techniclauncher folder. As for the server, idk I thought it was a Client side thing since you put it directly into the mi... Read More »