How do i open my cd rom drive?

Answer Open My Computer, right-click on the drive's icon and choose Eject from the pop-up menu.

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When I am trying to open my F-drive it’s asking ‘to choose a program to open this file’ and opening an’ Open F?

your drive is having volume or its already corrupted.try to open by autoplay.right click on it, then choose AUTOPLAY. if it still didnt work, try EXPLORE.if not you have to run a recovery software ... Read More »

My cd drive (e drive) keeps coming up that its not accessible when trying to open it...any ideas what this is?

Try, start > my computer, right click on CD drive > properties > recording > then tick the box, " enable cd recording on this drive " > apply > ok.

My dvd drive wont open on my pc ?

Hi is it a laptop or desktop? If laptop, remove the drive from the computer (after you turn the power off is best) and reinsert it. If this does not work follow instructions marked A below.If deskt... Read More »

Is it against the law to drive with your boot open?

it must be tied down securely and the lights must be clearly visitable. If the boot is open wide it is generally excepted if they is a colour cloth tethered to the end of any think sticking out of ... Read More »