How do i put a password on my belkin router so that my neighbours cant use my internet connection?

Answer Try looking here....…Otherwise, try Google.

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How to Fix an Internet Connection on a Belkin Router?

Belkin produces routers for the home and small business market segment. These routers are designed to share a single high-speed Internet connection, such as cable or DSL. The cable or DSL modem con... Read More »

Why does my belkin g+ mimo router keep losing internet connection?

Give them a call on 08456077787 if u are on a BT package it is now free! Technical support is free with Belkin and this product has lifetime warranty. Or go to this page and look at their returns p... Read More »

I cant remember my wep password to use my wirless internet router.?

wow, lot's of "good" answers. You just need to reset the router to it's "factory default" settings. If you have the manual, you can find it in there. If not, you can go to the support site for t... Read More »

I have a linkseys wireless router i want to set a password so nobody can use my internet connection.?

You are going to need to contact tech support either with Linksys or the make of your computer. For example if you have a Dell, try calling them for tech help. Tech support should have solved you... Read More »