How do i reduce everything that has been enlarged on my computer?

Answer hold down Ctrl~bottom left ~left click on a space on desk top~(you may have to click several times)~then scroll mouse wheel .re-lease Ctrl when size is right this only alters desk top text on web p... Read More »

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In regards to your discussion of superheating water in a microwave oven, I've found that it occurs most often when (1) I reheat water that has been heated before and (2) I heat water that has sat in the cup overnight. Why does that seem to reduce the?

Both processes allow dissolved gases to escape from the water so that they can't serve as seed bubbles for boiling. When you heat water and then let it cool, the gases that came out of solution as ... Read More »

Is there a way of seeing everything that has been searched via a wifi?

How to Reduce an Enlarged Heart?

An enlarged heart, or cardiomegaly, is a medical condition in which the heart is larger than normal. Symptoms may include respiratory problems, arrhythmia, and a cough. An enlarged heart can be cau... Read More »

Why would your computer have a function that turns everything upside down..?

If you are viewing something that you want to see upside down, and for graphic designers. Would you rather push a button of flip our screen upside down?