How do i remove a like on a picture on FaceBook?

Answer You can't get rid of a like from someone else.If you have blocked him so he can't see anything on your profile, then delete the photo and reupload it.

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How to Remove the Profile Picture Album on Facebook?

Facebook users can add personalisation to their account with profile photos, which often show a picture that helps other users to identify them. The profile photo album contains the photos that app... Read More »

Facebook help! FULL POINTS! how do I keep my picture but remove the comment box?

Cannot be doneThe only thing you can do is to delete someone's comment by clicking on the cross in the comment

My gmail account uses a picture from the old facebook page - how can I remove it?

You will need to "unshare" the picture from the page.Good luck!

Is there a way to keep the likes on a picture when you change it to your profile picture on Facebook?

if it's a picture you uploaded yourself, yes, it's simple...just click "make profile picture"if it's a picture you are tagged in, uploaded by someone else, then no, it's not possiblewhat you need t... Read More »