How do i report emails from facebook?

Answer a quote from the following link :"If users are suspicious about any messages they receive into their inbox, they can report the message by sending it to Facebook has set up a new repo... Read More »

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Is it possible to receive emails via facebook?

Yes you can. Go to your profile and observe your username, your username is the text following "zuck" is the username.... then you can have your email address l... Read More »

How to Collect All of My Friends' Emails From Facebook?

The Facebook social networking site stores the messages you receive from other users in your Facebook message inbox. Unfortunately, if your Facebook account were ever to be deleted, so too would al... Read More »

How to Find Facebook Under Private Emails?

Facebook doesn't allow you to simply type a user's e-mail address to find that person's Facebook profile. Instead, you use your own e-mail address book and Facebook will locate profiles for your co... Read More »

How to get Facebook to stop sending emails?

create a filter in your email to delete any mail from facebook.