How do i report emails from facebook?

Answer a quote from the following link :"If users are suspicious about any messages they receive into their inbox, they can report the message by sending it to Facebook has set up a new repo... Read More »

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How can I stop facebook from sending me emails from my Gmail?

go to settings (on top right) then click account settingsthen click notifications (near the left)and then where in says email click edit on the right side.remember to save you settings

How to Collect All of My Friends' Emails From Facebook?

The Facebook social networking site stores the messages you receive from other users in your Facebook message inbox. Unfortunately, if your Facebook account were ever to be deleted, so too would al... Read More »

Can you block emails on facebook from friends without actually deleting them as a friend?

You can stop people writing on your wall etc while theyre still your friend, but there's no reason why you would want to stop mails; only you can see it, and if you dont want to get private mail fr... Read More »

Why do i get Facebook emails when i don't have Facebook?

some one might be using your email address, so simply go to facebook and say forgotten password and they will send you the password and username to the account :)Then you can simply delete that acc... Read More »