How do i restrict my sons usage of the internet access on my hub?

Answer The only way that I can think of in limiting users sharing a single router except for buying specific software (see NetLimiter below) is to see if your router has a firewall setting called "Client ... Read More »

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Is there a way to restrict a belkin router so it restricts access on a timed basis (so kids cannot recieve p.m?

Have a look in the manual for a chapter on setting up the firewall and Client IP filtering.This will enable your to block certain IP functions like web access, email etc. There should be alongside... Read More »

IPhone 4 Internet usage?

Having to close your apps constantly is not the problem to this. I'd recommend making sure your push notifications are turned off, and internet roaming is disabled under network preferences.Hope th... Read More »

Is it true that from today local authorities can access records of your personal calls and computer usage?

Your question is the first I have heard of such an idea, I cannot find anything via Google search to confirm that local authorities have this right.We have the data protection act, which prevents y... Read More »

What Is an Internet Usage Meter?

An Internet usage meter is a type of Internet monitoring software that tells network administrators and individual Internet subscribers how much bandwidth they are using. Most Internet service pla... Read More »