How do i rip my DVDs onto my computer, WMP will only allow me to do audio CDs?

Answer Search for DVD Shrink its Excellent :)

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Will this external disk drive work on any laptop and allow me to watch dvds?

It only words for CD's. Make sure it says 'DVD' in the description when you buy one.

How do i upload my own dvds onto my computer?

lol ... that's so funny :) yeah you wanna rip dvd's to your computer , windows i take it ... you got funky stuff on them Called DRM (digital rights management) , that stops most ripping software do... Read More »

Copying DVDs onto Computer/External Hardrive?

This is not legal! You could get done, we all have credit crunch problem, not for this we sell other people's stuff!

I been told i need a router and receiver to allow me to use my computer in any room i only have 1 computer?

you dont need a reciever. if your laptop has wireless built in then all you need is a wireless router. it should give you range of up to 300 ft with most routers. if your laptop does not have wirel... Read More »